The D Word

A Recession is when your neighbor loses her job,
A Depression is when you lose yours.
(old adage)

As the economic downturn continues, a lot of people have started to wonder if we’re heading into a Depression. Teevee shows, when they bring it up at all, usually prefer the term “D Word” so as not to scare anyone. Should we be scared?

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Writing Bubble

We’ve heard of all kinds of “bubbles”, or market excesses. We had a tech bubble when people thought stocks like were actually worth a lot. We had a real estate bubble where the market was willing to run up housing prices beyond what was reasonable. Why do we do this? Apparently, it’s what we do as a people – over-do.

One of the many smaller bubbles that make up our world of great excess is a bubble in writing. With blogs like this one, twitter, and all the other ways that a keyboard becomes a connection, writing is generated spontaneously in ways that would amaze anyone from the printing age of a few decades ago.

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Munchie wasn’t a bad cat, but he had a reputation. His name probably came from his habit of jumping up on counters and tables, eating anything that was left out. Bread, crackers, you name it – all for Munchie. When his second or third family were moving, Munchie was handed off yet again. Cristy took in the tall and lanky longhaired cat thinking that she’d find a permanent home later, especially after seeing how her two girl cats took to having a large, mischievous Tom around. They weren’t exactly thrilled. Neither was Munchie, who had a tendency to be crazy all night long, running and yowling.

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Ode an die Freude

Before going to bed, I look over my novel in progress. Just a few edits, a few places where edits should be, and other notes to myself and I can go to sleep. That’s what I need. Then, when the clock strikes three and the world is dark, I wake up and check it again. What was I thinking? I can’t do this, I’m not anywhere near good enough.

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