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I Don’t Break News, I Fix It

I’ll never be first with the news, that I’m sure of. If you want “breaking” stories, there are plenty of places with reporters scanning the wire who are going to beat me to the punch every time.

Pick one.

Pick one.

But what do those news reports tell you? Do they give you the context that allows you to understand how events fit into either a bigger picture or your own daily life? Do they explain the world or do they hype up something that in the end doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense?  And while we expect sportscasters or meteorologists to tell us what to expect in the days ahead, why don’t we expect the same from our business and economics reporters? If they are honestly explaining what happened, shouldn’t there be a logical conclusion as to what comes next?

That’s what I mean by “fixing” the news .  Barataria is here to provide context that not only explains today’s events but propels into what logically comes next. The mission is to make the daily news more useful by providing the background that turns down the noise.  With the most respectful community in blogging to call me when I stray and add a lot of wisdom and perspective, there’s no place like it on the ‘net!

If you are a regular reader, please consider giving a little bit to help offset the time it takes me to put this together and keep the community going. You can donate a one-time donation of any amount or, if you’d like, click the box next to the amount to make it a recurring monthly micropayment.  Barataria also offers a Sponsorship Package which is a great deal for anyone who wants to improve their exposure on the ‘net.  Thank you very much for your donations of any amount – and the retweets, shares, and other recommendations!

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Break News, I Fix It

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  6. i’m curious about the name of your blog. could you please enlighten me as to what it means? as you can see, i’ve been impressed by what i’ve read of yours so far, and look forward to reading more of your work (non) religiously!

    • Thank you! It’s covered in the About page, but I don’t mind repeating it here.

      In Don Quixote Sancho Panza is a dutiful servant who looks after the Don, hoping he’ll regain the sanity he lost reading too many romance novels. When it’s all over, Sancho is rewarded for his loyal service with a kingdom of his own – Barataria. It means “cheap lands” or the swamp.
      I’m convinced that the world is full of Don Quixotes who have lost their minds – not from romance, but from believing their own BS. I am Sancho Panza, dutifully standing by and waiting for sanity to return. All I ask is for my own swamp, my own Barataria, to play and paddle in.
      Also, I grew up in near the Florida Everglades and dearly love swamps. A childhood hero of mine was the “Gentleman Pirate” Jean Lafite, who called the swamps of Louisiana where he lived Barataria – a name that has stuck to this day. So I really am a creature of the murky swamps. To a genuine romantic the oppressive heat and smell is what life is made of!

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