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Sunday Night

This may seem a bit strange, but when my ex-wife asked for a divorce one Sunday night I wanted to find a good way to say goodbye to her.

She really likes Neil Diamond, so that’s the style I use.  The rest was all them and variations going up in thirds to a finale right out of “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

I left her with this and a copy of the Tao Te Ching.  Now we live a mile and a half apart, raising our children and seeing each other every day.  We had to part on good terms because we were not completely parting.

Sheet music for “Sunday Night” in pdf format

Your sleepless stare
hangs in the air;
the fire is gone inside.
And now,
nothing left to say
no games left to play
As the tears roll down,
I can only give
my simple pledge:
That things will be better soon,
it’s all I have to give.
It’s not a lot
but it was not said with the shots we got
and now it might be all we have.
And some day, we don’t know when,
we’ll know it’s not an end
but the start of some-thing that’s challenging and new
that brings that fire back to blaze in you.

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