Ten Years On

It was a dark and stormy night …

Ten years ago, I started Barataria with that perfectly awful line. It was indeed a cold, dark evening in April filled with a sense of anxiety. Where has all this gone in ten years? You be the judge.

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Eight Years On

Eight years ago, Barataria began as a humble blog like so many others. It grew out of a need, first and foremost, to get a few things out of my head that would otherwise rattle around and bump into the stories that paid the bills from my job as a professional writer. It has grown into a loyal community of readers who are hunger for new perspectives on this crazy world and respectfully offer their own.

A rapidly changing world needs a diet of more than high calorie headlines. It needs time for a slow meal, carefully prepared and savored through a lingering evening. In a visceral sense that’s what I mean by “I don’t break news, I fix it.” We are all in this together, taking time to chew and swallow before we open our mouths in a joyous moment among friends.

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Another Pledge Drive!

It’s Pledge Drive time at Minnesota Public Radio!   That means one thing to me – I better get my own Pledge Drive in while I can.  It’s been two years since I tried an in-blog pledge drive, and the results were mixed. But I have to try again.

Welcome to another Barataria in-blog Pledge Drive!  There’s a survey at the end where you can tell me just what you think anonymously and easily, whether you give or not.

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It’s mid-August, about the time that people’s minds turn away from the beach and back to school and work.  Somewhere in here, there will be attention paid to the election, too.  The way things are right now is about all anyone will notice when they get back at it.

So let’s check back on a number of stories we’ve talked about here and see how they developed.

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Loose Ends

When I write these blog pieces, I’m sitting alone in my kitchen relating the best information I can on a topic.  That doesn’t mean I cover any of them thoroughly.  Your comments always raise new perspectives that sometimes flat-out school me – and either make my arguments stronger or tell me to drop them.  I can’t thank you enough for this great experience in social media, where community works together to arrive at something like “truth”.

Lately there have been a number of loose ends that have come to my attention from other sources, however.  Those, combined with an interest in longer replies say that it’s time to tie a few things back together.  It’s all good!

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