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The Plague on Wheels

These are the (not so great) lyrics that accompany the tune “Plague on Wheels”, which there is a link to at the bottom. It is in midi form. The lyrics follow the sax part, after the introduction.

Sheet music for “The Plague on Wheels” in pdf format

I like to live life free, it’s really big with me,
And there is nothing like the freedom of the road.
I can drive on home from work, forget my boss who is a jerk,
When it seems like my head just might explode!
So I get in and drive, be glad that I’m alive,
And pretty soon for-get that something’s got to give.
Four hundred bucks a pop, the payments never stop,
But I just can’t see another way to live!


Let’s take a spin today, you can just point the way.
I just don’t care the slightest bit how long or far.
1) We’ll see the U S A in my new Cherolet
2) Let’s make it me and you, the B M W,
3) ‘Cuz there’s so much to see in my big S U V
Just don’t make me get out of my car!

You know I pray each day to be re-deemed away
by the glory of highway building deities
From the panhand-lers shilling and the dirty little buildings
Full of lib’rals and min-oo-orities.
Now, out here in my ‘hood, where it’s just grass and woods,
The only people all ’round here are just like me.
At least I think they are; I’d have to start my car
If I was ever gonna check ’em and see!


We got each chain big box that sells you beer and socks;
You know they satisfy your each and every need.
Scattered ’round where you can park in an irregular arc
I think they plant-ed some ceement growing seeds.
They kinda look O K, at least they’re far away
Aesthetics here are covered well in all the deeds.
But nature got get back, the ninety foot setback
Is nothing but an ugly pile of weeds.


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