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This poem is about the recount in the 2008 Minnesota Senate Race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman.  It was first published in early 2009.

The people came through on the often-hyped date
To churches and schools all throughout the whole state.
Now the halls all have darkened as we ask, “What’s it mean
When the gap is no more than ten thousandth between?”
A panel of judges with piles deep and wide
Must now ballot by ballot by ballot decide.
The work goes by slowly, it’s tiring and trying,
Like a sport was created from paint that is drying
You can follow it live and perhaps place your bets
On the Uptake and MinnPost, two spots on the ‘net
But the judges aren’t fazed by attention worldwide
As they ballot by ballot by ballot decide.
It’s not all that dull, there are Lizards and Monsters
And a few here and there that wound up in the dumpsters
If the creatures don’t thrill you, there’s lawyers on hand
To file many briefings we don’t understand.
Yet the counting continues, not a bump in the ride,
As they ballot by ballot by ballot decide.
If the tension is killing, there’s always relief
In the comic productions of daily press brief
Live from Saint Paul!  It’s now five PM
And time to get onto the nooze once again
As they spin and demand it’s still quiet inside
Where they ballot by ballot by ballot decide
When is it over?  How soon will it end?
Will our Senate team be at full strength once again?
One day, we are certain, the people will know
What they really did tell us that day long ago.
For the moment, however, we just take it in stride
While they ballot by ballot by ballot decide.

Copyright © 2009 by Erik Hare