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My strategic focus and project management skills are central to all the ways I serve my clients:

As a Writer: I find great joy in telling my client’s stories to a wider world.  Whether this is in the form of web content, grants, news articles or technical writing I am skilled at finding the essence of the story and making new connections.  Please read my portfolio for some examples of the many ways that I can do this.

As a Social Media Consultant: I have a new website dedicated to my work as a teacher and strategic coach in social media.  MediaHare.com has all the details.

As a Small Business Consultant: A simple computer loaded with a spreadsheet is the crescent wrench of our times – the tool that makes an amazing number of things possible.  I have experience developing, using, and training small business owners to use tools like this to control inventory, costs, and every other aspect of their business without spending a ton of money.

As a Grant Writer: I have raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations, most of them smaller volunteer based operations.  The key is strategic planning and a focus on building relationships with funders of all kinds.

I do all of these things the same way – hard work and a commitment to find the essence of the problem at hand, no matter how many stupid questions I have to ask.  If you have a project that requires any of these skills, but you aren’t sure exactly what that project is, write to me for a free consultation.  I am always happy to help potential clients organize the potential work that they have in front of them.

Find me as:

Erik Hare
Erikhare at gmail dot com
Visit me on Linked In for more information.