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Technical Portfolio

I am an experienced technical writer with experience as an industrial and research engineer.  My forte is explaining complex subjects in plain English for a mass audience.  Additional experience includes writing and editing technical papers in many fields.  For more examples specific to a particular area, please contact me as erikhare at gmail dot com.

US Patents (all assigned to 3M):

1 7,431,991 Full-Text Fuel management system comprising a fluoroelastomer layer having a hydrotalcite compound
2 7,148,300 Full-Text Fluoroelastomers with improved permeation resistance and method for making the same
3 6,916,871 Full-Text Composition and method for making a fluoroelastomer
4 6,803,435 Full-Text Curable fluoropolymers containing bromine groups having improved compression set
5 6,730,760 Full-Text Perfluoroelastomers having a low glass transition temperature and method of making them
6 6,613,846 Full-Text Curable fluoroelastomer compositions comprising hydro siloxanes or hydro silazanes
7 6,255,536 Full-Text Fluorine containing vinyl ethers
8 6,255,535 Full-Text Fluorine containing allylethers and higher homologs
9 6,087,406 Full-Text Recycle of vulcanized fluorinated elastomers

Writing for a Popular Audience:
Short Series on Alternative Energy:
The Market
A Methane Economy
Turbine Electric Hybrids

Nuclear Power (on the Fukushima Daiichi Plant)
Science, Technology, and Public Life