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Before you post a comment on this site, I would like you to accept the Barataria Creed by nodding your head vigorously three times:

I hereby assert that to the best of my knowledge I have never been and never will be cool, hip, or fashionable, and that if I ever was it completely went past me because I have no way of knowing.

I further assert that popular culture seems like a colossal waste of time, and I only pay attention to it as much as I must to attract whatever gender I’m into.

I believe that while politics and religion are a personal matter that deserve the utmost respect, it wouldn’t be any damned fun at all if we didn’t at least compare notes on all the wacky things we believe – especially while drinking too much.

Lastly, I honestly believe that there is room in this world for an 800 word blog post, although somewhere around 1,000 words is excessive.

I state my belief in all of these things that make up the essence of the blog Barataria.

Thank you. You may now comment on Barataria, or if you prefer just swear at the screen. Remember to wipe it off when you’re done, however.

But if you’ve gotten into the spirit of Barataria, why not enjoy some useful quotations?