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Bemidji by Mornin’

To the tune of “Amarillo by Morning”

Bemidji by mornin’,
Up from Forest Lake
Get away from my girlfriend
Who looks like a big mistake.
Gonna shoot me some geese
And forget about the lease
And those other ties that bind.
Bemidji by mornin’
‘Cuz Bemidji’s on my mind.

Got my golden retriever
And a cooler fulla beer.
Packed ‘er up around midnight,
And got the Hell on outta here.
Gonna backup my boat
Spend some hours afloat
And be drunk about 10 AM.
Bemidji by mornin’
‘Cuz Bemidji’s who I am.


Bemidji by mornin’,
It’s one Hell of a ride.
And I don’t let out my feelin’s
I keep them bottled up inside.
I don’t scream, I don’t howl,
I just shoot waterfowl,
I guess we all got it comin’ somehow.
Bemidji by mornin’
Hell, I should be there by now.

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