FADS Marketing

You know who you are. At least you think you do, although a lot of marketers think they know you even better. And if you are willing to kid yourself or indulge a little, they have what you are looking for.

That’s the main premise of FADS Marketing: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, and the New Marketing World Order, a new book by Tony Harris. He’s an experienced marketing professional willing to sharing a few of the secrets of the industry in part because they clearly alarm him.

They should alarm you, too. And that’s what makes this relatively short but dense book a quick but incredible read.

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Conspiracy in Hindsight

As with every 9/11, the passage of this date brings an exhaustive recounting of long debunked conspiracy theories.  This piece from 2014, slightly updated,  discusses only one aspect of the ridiculousness of this spectacle.  

The US commitment to being the policeman of the world. continues, bringing us into conflicts everywhere.  One of these is the still ongoing fight against Da’esh or ISIS, which has never been totally vanquished.  Why?

If you believe one conspiracy theory popular in the Middle East, it’s a creation of the US – for the purpose of doing just what we’re doing now, which is a justification for more interference.

While this comes from a region of many conspiracy theories, hatched by governments like Iran with strong propaganda needs, it’s actually a common type of conspiracy theory. It comes from looking at the result of a world event and then working backwards to determine that the outcome must have been planned by nefarious forces. Such “Hindsight Conspiracies” are part of the news cycle these days – despite almost always being pathetically wrong.

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Happy As A Pig

Good ways
To say what you mean
Mean what you say

– Jimmy Buffett

I have to have a small operation, so, it’s time for a re-run.  This is from 2008.

Anyone who’s written a book has heard it from someone: “You need to get rid of a few clichés”. What? I can’t have any of those, I avoid them like a very contagious disease!

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Improv Act

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
– William Shakespeare (As You Like It)

It’s a trite phrase, a fairly obvious cliché more than 400 years old.  Yet like so many of these little sayings  it has only stuck around this long because it holds a certain truth.  We each have defined roles we play out, hoping that they both fit into the bigger production even as we standout as the star in our own monologues.  Where the saying fails, however, is the lack of a written script implied by the credit given to the Bard.  A play has to seem true and make sense – but life is rarely just as we like it.  Life is more of an improv act.

(This is a repeat from seven years ago.  I hope you like it.)

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Sing Along

This is a repeat from August, 2008.

What is it that makes writing jump off of the page and into your imagination? We can all learn a lot by studying what the masters have done. What I have been trying to understand is the total outlook on life held by people who I have seen write very well. By doing this, a strange theory came to mind.

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People’s Economics Update

The first section of People’s Economics, “Our World,” should be done by the end of this week. It describes what, where, when and how of today’s economy – all in terms of “who”. It is indeed always about people – their values, their trust, their skills, their fears, and their dreams.

But the most important “who” of all is you, because without your support People’s Economics wouldn’t happen. Ultimately it is of you, by you, and for you. Click here to support the GoFundMe campaign that will help make People’s Economics a reality.  Thank you for everything you do to make this happen!

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Men’s Issues

Nothing causes men to latch up quicker than a discussion or article on “Women’s Issues.” We are, by definition, not included. More to the point, it almost certainly is going to stray into something we’d rather not hear about in the first place given that it’s almost certainly going to make us feel brutish, inadequate, or queasy.

Don’t worry guys, this is not about menstruation. This is about the stuff we can actually do.

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