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Here are some examples of my skills.  If you would like to see my work on a particular topic or are interested in some of my web content that I have “ghost written” and cannot display here please write me at erikhare at gmail dot com.  Examples of my technical writing ability can be found in my Technical Portfolio.

Blog Entries and other Essays:
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“Make No Small Plans”
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Original Reporting:
Community Information Session on School Changes
Broadband proposal stirs St. Paul debate
Voluntary desegregation in Minnesota:  Where does it stand now?
Think drivers pay the cost of roads?

Feature Stories:
Skaters Enjoy the Ice as Winter Carnival Begins
F Scott Fitzgerald, native son of Saint Paul
Gangsters of The Saintly City
News Poems:
Black Friday
Throw Away the Key
Smaller Planet
Ode to Twitter
Upon the Turf at Metrodome
A Visit from St. Klaus
The Craven
I Speak for the Trees

Radio Appearances:
Music with Minnesotans, 18 Jan 2012 – something of a “Guest DJ” spot with the incomparable Alison Young on MPR.
KTNF AM950 15May 2010 – One hour discussion “On (CowPuckey)”

In addition, I have completed and self-published a novel, Downriver.

When you are 3 1/4 inches tall and thoughtless humans destroy your home, you want revenge. One Hopneg’s journey in search of payback brings him something bigger. “Downriver” was written for teens but speaks to everyone who wants to be able to see those things we usually can’t.

I wrote this for my children originally, and it can be read by a fifth grader. In many ways, it is a cultural translation of the Tao Te Ching, building its message through stories rather than the dense poetry of Lao Tsu. Each chapter relates to a specific chapter of the Tao Te Ching, taking its title from the Ursula LeGuin translation.

In the end, the creatures that are so much smaller than us learn that no one really knows the big picture, and the most important thing to do is to take care of each other while enjoying the small moments. It’s a very non-Western book for kids in a very Western setting.

Self-published in October 2005. Click on the cover picture to find it at Amazon, or hit “play” to hear me read the first chapter.