Prof. Powers

A great teacher has died.

Professor Gary Powers was more than a Chemical Engineer. The lessons he taught us at Carnegie-Mellon were about problem solving skills and how important it was to rely on our colleagues. He made us work as a team to solve the most difficult things he could throw at us, and taught us how to do it with precision, diligence, and most important of all style.

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Harry Potter

Within a few daze of the book coming out, I finished it. I won’t reveal any secrets (like Hermione being a boy – or was that “The Crying Game”?) and I won’t tell how it ends (but Harry and Voldemort plummeting over Reichenbach Falls was riveting). What I will do is outline my biggest complaints about the whole series

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Cat President

The time has come for serious change. The time is now to elect my cat, Tony, as President of the United States.

I realize that you may not think he is qualified. Well, the Constitution does not specify you can’t be 35 cat-years old. Tony was born in the woods of Wisconsin, probably in a barn. Think how the Abraham Lincoln log-cabin routine can be played out here.

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