This time of year, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a cup of tea. When the air becomes thick and the moisture hangs low in wisps of fog, the steam from my mug warms my nose and soon enough my gut. I am refreshed.

It is the break in the moment that makes it special. The water has to be heated and the tea steeped for 5 minutes, and then it is time to relax. I have to make time for tea, I have to stop being in motion for a short while to enjoy it.

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Crispin, be Remembered

Many holidays have been proclaimed for various reasons. Some are important, some are trivial. Martin Luther King Day took a long fight to become a holiday, Columbus Day has largely passed on without a fight. But October 25th is one holiday that could be added to our calendar, a holiday that celebrates something I am rather fond of. It is St Crispin’s Day, and it celebrates the English Language.

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