MEA Weekend

Minnesota has an extra holiday, all its own. The third Thursday and Friday of October are what we call “MEA Weekend”, the time when the state teacher’s union holds their annual seminar and convention. The kids have off from school for it, so a large hunk of the state simply shuts down. Nevermind that the teacher’s union isn’t MEA, but “Education Minnesota” these days. We’re talking holiday, we’re talking tradition. It will always be “MEA Weekend”.

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Before my regular blog entry for the day, I would like to make an announcement:

Annette Funicello will turn 65 this Monday, 22 October 2007.

That’s right – the original Mousketeer and later star of “Beach Party” movies depicting an endless summer of fun will be eligible for Social Security.

The Baby Boom Generation is now officially old.

That is all.