Winter Solstice

Tomorrow is, for my family and me, the big Winter holiday.  The Solstice is precisely at 23:38 GMT (5:38 PM CST) on 21 December, always right on schedule. At this moment, the northern hemisphere will be at its darkest, but also starts turning back towards the sun. We celebrate it by blowing out the many candles that are lit and enjoying a few moments without light or sound – just the music of the spheres to contemplate for a moment. This is our holiday for the season.

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Urban Renewal

Workers started removing the fountain in Irvine Park, Saint Paul, today.  It is being shipped off to Robinson Iron Works in Alabama, where it was made, for a general refurbishment that they hope to have done by May.

This tiny tidbit of very local news may not seem important to the rest of the world, but the story of the little neighborhood of Irvine Park is rarely told the way it needs to be.  It’s just one story of urban activism among thousands but it is important because this is repeated constantly throughout the world.  The lesson is simple – if you want the really good things in life you have to make it happen.

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Boreas Rex

King Boreas.  The name doesn’t strike fear into the hearts and minds of Minnesotans because we’ve learned to live with his terrible reign.  He is the king of Winter, the tyrant we overthrow every year in the little festival we call Winter Carnival, at least in Saint Paul.  But this year he got to have his own fun over in Minneapolis. It’s good to be King.

You may think this is all legend and fun but it’s serious business. Who else but King Boreas could reach out and tear a new hole in Minneapolis right on schedule?

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Not the Kid

The big snowstorm was seen coming for days.  Everyone had braced for it and started hunkering down early.  We parents at Great River School had one more thing to attend to, however.  It was my daughter’s Winter Choral Concert, scheduled to end just a few hours before the big dump was to come.  Time fell around us all as the clockwork precision of life was scheduled to stop for a moment.

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Leaked or Planted?

The latest batch of official US documents released by wikileaks caused a tremendous storm with two immediate reactions.  The first was a nearly hour by hour revelation as to what was in this batch as reporters combed through the piles of information looking for newsworthy (or simply salacious) details.  The second reaction came as a character assassination (and call for a bloody assassination) of Julian Assange as a “terrorist”.

The first wave of revelation is understandable, but neither of these reactions tells us much about what is really happening here.  That requires time.

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