Founding Fathers

Most nations emerged slowly from the mists of time, perhaps with some legendary figure like King Arthur to mark when their history might as well begin.  Others have a hero like Fr. Hidalgo, who stood up and said it was time for a new nation.  Ireland had two heroes, de Valera and Collins, destined to become rivals.  Many nations like Canada formed gradually as their parent nation slowly watched them grow up.

Not the USofA.  We are a nation that, nearly uniquely, has a collection of “Founding Fathers” who had their own roles, intellects, and egos.  That makes their lesson more difficult than other nations but even more critical.  They only can be spoken of as a group to the extent that they learned to put their differences aside and force themselves to be something greater than they were as individuals.  When that message is forgotten something deep at the heart of our nation is lost as well.

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