After the Storm

You first see the lightening spark out of the angry clouds.  Perhaps a sense of anxiety rose as the pressure dropped.  By the time the heavy wet smell of rain came you may have had a sharp taste of fear in the back of your throat.  The deafening roar as the atmosphere falls around you covers sirens wailing out the obvious in the wind.

The thunderstorms that roll through the Midwest leave a mark on every sense as the experience washes over the lives of those caught in it.  The recent debt ceiling debate in Washington progressed like a storm, building its way to a climax that never had a chance to live up to its intro.  With the rain passed the damage assessment will take time – but the mark on everyone’s heart and mind is clear.   We’re going to watch storms more closely for at least a while.

What that means after this political storm is not obvious, but it is visceral.

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