The times, they are a changin’.  As the weather turns grey and cold an old fashioned protest has taken over Wall Street issuing demands that … well, they don’t have demands yet but the leadership … well, they don’t want leaders, but we do know that the establishment is pushing them to … actually, Mayor Bloomberg backed down from a confrontation.

The times did change.  Protesters now scrub sidewalks and tidy up while speaking very eloquently and kindly about why they are there.  This is nothing like 1968, the year that can be taken as an event in and of itself.  According to a recent poll, a majority of Americans view this protest favorably, a rate ahead of Obama himself and twice the approval of the Tea Party’s hard line.

This is what it takes to start the process of change.  The problem comes when the movement has to focus on specific goals.  That will come with time.

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