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On, Wisconsin!

The big winner once this election is over will almost certainly be religious people, who will see their ranks swell by November. Nearly everyone in the nation will be saying, “Please, dear God, not Trump!” Some will even be on their knees, others will light candles at the cathedral. It will be a good time for religion everywhere as a cheeto-filled populace hooked on teevee pleads with the divine that they don’t get what they deserve.

Is that too harsh? Yes, it probably is. And it may not come to pass, either, if the good people of Wisconsin do their job. There is a good chance that they will be voting in large numbers for not-Trump, which will generally be Ted Cruz.

With their Democratic side up for grabs, the state that gave us Brett Favre’s NFL career might yet be the most exciting place in the nation, at least for a short time.

How ya doin'?

How ya doin’?

The primary is less than a week away, on 5 April. Wisconsin has always been one of the most unpredictable swing states but has generally trended more conservative lately. Scott Walker did generate a terrible backlash – include a recall vote – when he busted the public unions, but they did re-elect him all the same. This year, Russ Feingold looks to take back the seat he first won with the help of Paul Wellstone (D-MN) and later lost to the conservative wave.

In general, the politics of Wisconsin are more or less as desperate as any state that has no clear path to economic recovery.

That makes the rejection of Trump, now polling around 30% and well behind Cruz, even more important looking. You would think that Wisconsin would embrace some kind of revolution and upheaval, but …. not that one, thank you. It’s worth reminding everyone that neighboring Minnesota gave Trump a third-place shellacking, a mark only equaled by Mormon Utah. Authenticity still counts up here, no matter how desperate everyone is.

Did I mention that in Minnesota Trump finished third? Good, because it’s worth mentioning.

At times, Wisconsin has been a pretty exciting place.

At times, Wisconsin has been a pretty exciting place.

Why does it matter if Trump is stopped here? The movement to block his nomination is only starting to gel and it needs whatever boost it can. The Wisconsin primary is a good place to get it. That will have to carry over to New York, a state which should know more about Trump than any. There is still a chance that he can be stopped there, but it will take a coordinated effort.

On the Democratic side, the state that pretty much made JFK in 1960 looks as though it might give Sanders a real chance at staying alive. Wisconsin should always have been his, according to fivethiryeight.com, which has ranked states based on their racial make-up in terms of targets for delegates.

The problem with this is that the Democratic nomination fight is predictable on the basis of race. That’s bad news for everyone, especially Democrats.

Feel the Bern?

Feel the Bern?

Still, the state should have been solid for Sanders is pretty much a toss-up, with a slight lean his direction. There may yet be a small revolution brewing in the heartland that’s better known for Miller Time. Whether this energized Clinton supporters or Sanders fans more in New York later in the month remains to be seen. What mattters is that we all have something to talk about other than Trump, who is frankly depressing to think about.

Did I tell you that Trump came in third in Minnesota? Just making sure.

While the Democrats slog away with inevitability always a state away there will be much more Republican fighting – through and possibly beyond the convention. But if there is a God who really likes the USA we may yet look back on this and say, “What was it that finally did in Trump?” and the answer may well be Wisconsin. Here’s hoping.

11 thoughts on “On, Wisconsin!

  1. Looked at the nifty little linked graphs/tools, yet again – – this is what leapt out at me re: He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named – – (LOL):

    “We think (sic hwsnbn) will fare best in states and congressional districts with small shares of college graduates. His ideal path would depend on a broad coalition of Southern, Midwestern and industrial Northeastern states.”

    I personally know many young adult men of good character, intellect and morals (who are friends of my son) – who are struggling, right now, to find the funds to go to college on – one, the son of a single mom that works 2 jobs and finds time to volunteer in the community – another, son of a single dad,- and wouldn’t ya know? Both think hwsnbn is THE CHOICE come November –

    So there’s some interesting observations to go with the nifty data points – – still confounds me – 🙂

    • I don’t think that younger people are ever going to go for a “Make American Great AGAIN” theme. They want a reboot, not a return. They don’t have experience with a nation that ever worked well.

      • Thats true! My oldest would have been 26 this election year. As he approached the first election he could vote in, he and I had many talks and he felt the same way – 8 years ago though he didnt live past June, so never saw the final ballot offerings.

      • 🙂 And that is the journey of the human race – over and over – which is why, sometimes, I get ‘short & grumpy’ about such things, EVEN while I laud those who still try/work to improve – in their arena of influence/expertise – 🙂

  2. Hopefully Wisconsin knows a little Shakespeare:

    King Richard III: Edward’s brother, Richard, kills everyone in his way and seizes the throne, only to lose it and his life.

    Coriolanus: Rome’s best general feels slighted, so he switches sides.

    Hamlet: A young prince plans revenge against his murdering uncle.

    Julius Caesar: Brutus and others kill Caesar to prevent him from becoming king.

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