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Staying Positive

Anger over the latest moves of the Trump administration continues to bubble over. There seems to be a fresh outrage every day – now including a major diss of the Australian Prime Minister. What can everyone do?

Stay positive. It’s hard, sometimes, but it’s critical. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier every day. As much as Barataria and others have criticized marching as not nearly enough, it’s still critical as a tool for organizing. More importantly, it seems that everyone has had a great experience so far and has kept hope alive.

Morale is critical for us to last out this administration and stay focused. So far, it’s working very well.

Many hands make the work lighter. Connections make things happen.

Many hands make the work lighter. Connections make things happen.

The importance of an upbeat attitude cannot be overstated. This was what ultimately toppled Augusto Pinochet in Chile when a snap referendum was called in 1988. Rather than wallow in the misery that had fallen on the nation, the theme became “Chile, la allegria ya viene!” or “Chile, happiness is coming!” It was a huge success, with the opposition winning an election that appeared rigged from the start.

There was a time when surprises went the other way.

Similarly, it’s well known that scrap metal drives in World War II didn’t do much in the way of raising material for the war – but they did raise morale. Everyone had something to do, after all. The war effort engaged the entire nation, giving everyone on the home front a solid stake in the effort.

We always knew it was like this.

We always knew it was like this.

More than just engaged, however, it’s important that there is a positive experience. Hassan Minhaj of the Daily Show gave a rundown of how positive it is to be a part of the airport protests in particular – events which have brought a sense of joy and togetherness to an otherwise bland part of any landscape. Moslems prayed in public, in an airport, and the crowd cheered.

America is indeed bigger than we all thought.

This is how we win, ultimately. If everyone in this nation is engaged, one way or the other, the future of the nation is secure. If everyone is engaged with a positive attitude something positive is bound to come.

The problem comes with how we maintain it for the long haul. Positivity itself is a great help all around, for sure, but we need to have the energy it takes to outlast the machinery of government. Then again, there is reason to believe that the machine itself, with its inherent bias towards no action at all, is going to be on our side.

That’s what a win starts to look like.

It’s not about anything positive, at least not yet. But growing connection and hopeful outlook will make a difference in the long run.

Stay positive. Happiness is coming! This will work out.

8 thoughts on “Staying Positive

    • It is, indeed. I still say that in a representative democracy you get the government you deserve. But the response has been good and we have to take heart in that.

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