The election of 2016 is almost upon us, but already it has had its effect upon America. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Gulf to the Great Lakes, this nation has been forever changed by the process that has unfolded over the last few years as never before. Yes, this great land now stands perfectly united in one solid belief:

We will all be glad when this crap is all over.

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Resetting the Middle East

Let’s imagine a foreign policy based on promoting freedom, stability, and peace. Let’s assume that our drive to energy independence makes this not only possible, but desirable. Let’s assume that we no longer use our military to “protect vital resources” or some other euphemism for imperialism as we come to respect and develop a truly free market globally.

With these assumptions our view of the Middle East, in particular, changes dramatically. Like many situations in this rapidly integrating and evolving world, it demands attention to fundamentals – both our principles and an examination of the real powers which shape the world.

In the Middle East there are really only three permanent powers which have survived the test of millenia – Egypt, Turkey, and Persia (Iran). No matter who or what has swept through the region, these three have always been there. They are the best place to start when considering how we promote what matters most to free people around the world.

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Dia de la Raza

Tomorrow is an important holiday throughout the Spanish-speaking parts of the lands we know as The Americas.  Not one land but many, they are all united by the simple fact that on 12 October 1492 their worlds changed forever.  The holiday is known throughout most of these lands as Dia de la Raza, which translates poorly as “Day of the Race”.  Understanding just what “la Raza” means and where the term comes from is critical to this holiday, how it is celebrated, and how it is often impossible to take language out of a culture and still appreciate its meaning.

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