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It was a dark and stormy night …

The sky has grown grey and heavy. The wind is from the East, which always hits like a knife to the back. Bad weather is never a good reason to start a blog, but it is the only excuse I have. I am retreating inside, an instinctive response to the betrayal of April, but still longing for Spring.

Why are blogs so popular? I think it is, in the end, an attempt to make our own cozy and defined space around us. We are taught that our individualism is valuable, and yet there is little evidence around us that this is true. So much of our world has been wracked by a belief that industrial efficiency will make us more “productive”, and that this productivity is inevitably desired. Our individual accomplishment in this world is only what we make of it.

And so, we write. We reach out to each other through the warm glow of a CRT screen, safely inside. Outside may not be what it is supposed to be, but when we define our own world we are all smart and funny and have something damned important to say. I suppose I am not any different.

The outside world is not how I want it. I am indoors and safe. I have something to say, something that hopefully rises above the whine of how lousy the weather is. What I have to say is very simple: Our species of naked chimp does not survive in bad weather without some protection. What we do with that protection, and how it defines us, is entirely up to us. The need for shelter is part of our biology. The rest is a matter of social convention and how much we are willing to give in.

Not much for a blog. A big dark, a bit cold. But that is Minnesota in the begining of April. That is our world at the begining of this milenium.

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