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Upon the Turf at Metrodome

I thought that it was time to write a Christmas Carol that honors our true savior – Brett Favre.  The tune is “O Little Town of Bethlehem” for the Carol-Impaired.

Upon the turf at Metrodome
Beneath the Teflon sky
The gleaming bright of teevee lights
Await for just one guy
His hairline, thin and graying,
Belies the boyish charm –
The hopes and fears of all the years
Now rest upon his arm.
The king of ‘kings in purple helm
Now buckles up his strap,
And takes the field with linemen’s shield
To stand and take the snap.
With every new reception
The records are surpassed –
And one more beer will make us clear
Forget his Cheesehead past.
The season, long and arduous
Has tested his caché,
It’s great that we can finally see
Some strong fourth quarter play.
And when the pocket’s folding,
Especially third and long,
Our hopeful gasp awaits the pass
That moves the sticks along.
The faithful have been tested well
Through seasons come and gone.
We’d live the hype then start to gripe
And end it with a yawn.
Yet this year, we can feel it –
This might be the real thing.
For all we shriek and scream each week
We only want the ring.

Copyright © 2009 by Erik Hare

6 thoughts on “Upon the Turf at Metrodome

  1. Thanks, everyone. Yes, Jim, I got someone else to tell my story. Paul is doing a series on the need for engineering jobs over at MinnEcon (MPR) and I just had to put my few pennies in. Who knows, perhaps it will lead to employment? 🙂

    Meanwhile, how ’bout them Vikings? 🙂

  2. Go Favre! What an awesome addition to the Vikings. I wasn’t sure he was such a good idea at first but I’ve been made into a believer!

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