Like an Earthquake

Every day starts with open eyes.  If you’ve had what you need to keep going, the world has been turning for about 8 hours and the news stories piled up around our humble ball that is spinning and pitching through space.  This information comes to you over airwaves or the internet or a newspaper that greets you on the porch, however you choose.

When the world is close to equilibrium, the news stories are easy to understand.  We all have our own frames that allow us to filter our world and make sense of it, assuming that today is a lot like yesterday and tomorrow won’t be that different.  The institutions that keep the world truckin’ on while we sleep operate more or less the same way.  But what happens when an awful lot happens at once?  That depends equally on the events of the day and the smugness that we greet it with.

Today is one of those days.  An awful lot is happening.

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