Every morning the sun comes in a little earlier, a little brighter.  It’s the time of year when hope of spring washes over all of us at high latitudes just a bit more every day.  But the sun is still a bit brittle on these clear days, shining over a planet that is naked to the vastness of the universe.  Cloudless days are cold days as the heat of the previous day radiates back out into space while we sleep under a pile of blankets, waiting.

A few weeks ago we woke up to –15F, but 36 hours later the temperature was 45F as a warm patch drifted over us.  That’s life in the middle of a vast continent, and it wears on people.  When you don’t even know how to get dressed in the morning it’s hard to feel confident about anything, even on a glorious warm day.  Our world is cranky, sullen, and a bit detached.  That’s life in the middle of a vast continent like North America waiting for Spring.

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