The Gig Economy

You wake up, go to work, put in your 8 hours and go home.  If that is the numbing grind you want to break out of, you might want to consider yourself lucky.   Millions of Americans have taken on a series of part-time jobs that add up to something like a living as they juggle their schedules.  But for an uncounted many, work comes one assignment at a time as they scramble constantly to find the next small job that will take them to the next mortgage payment or even the next meal.  These are the millions of workers in the Gig Economy.

How many?  It may be as much as a third of the workforce, but no one is really sure.  Uncertainty defines this trend from the daily routine right up to the future of the economy as a whole.  Managing any aspect of this emerging world is made much more difficult as a result.

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