A Realistic Generation

The bundles of anxiety that used to be our kids bubbled through the high school parking lot towards parents long used to waiting.  A normal day would never end with something as uncool as a ride from Dad – that’s what Metro Transit buses are for.  But this day they were coming back from a camping trip and had bundles of stuff under tired arms.  The milling crowd was my chance to meet some of my daughter’s friends.

The joys of high school – so much to worry about, so few cares in the world.

It’s taken a week of conversation to decipher who was who that day, creating a small window on the teen world.  So much has changed, so little is different.  But one thing that should frighten everyone is how few of the kids, especially the smart ones, believe that they are preparing for a “career”.  Community college and trade schools, with lower cost than a four year college, are the next destination for many of them.  That’s not laziness, but its exact opposite in energy and realism talking.

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