Hero’s Journey, with Pastry

The Hero’s Journey (or Monomyth, as Joseph Campbell anointed it) and its use in advertising generated more mail than any other topic recently.  Many of you were intrigued, confused, or simply wanted to know more.  So let’s revisit the topic with a specific example.

Let’s say we have a pastry shop called Danish Treat.  Hardly a topic for a heroic quest?  Every effort crafted with love and determination can be told with this simple device that slips along well-worn paths directly to the guts of those who read the backstory on a website.  These stages do not all have to be present.  This is only a guide to working through how it might be applied.

The Hero’s Journey has many elements – 17 by Joseph’s Campbell’s count, usually have at least 8.  We’ll use a version described by Phil Cousineau for brevity, but there are many ways to look at this ancient art form.

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