Controversial Little Pony

As the sun rose on a Saturday morning, kids across the 1970s woke up with a purpose that charged them out of bed quicker than any school day.  This was their day, the time when the teevee had nothing but cartoons on.  Yet they were often crudely animated and jerky, with stupid plots and wooden dialogue.  As exciting as Saturday morning was to kids, cartoons were clearly thrown on the screen without a lot of thought.

Regulations changed in 1982 and pitching of products broke the fourth wall of screen – making cartoons much more valuable.  Hasbro’s “My Little Pony” was a pioneer, subsidizing a cartoon show around toys to sell.  When social media became a big part of kids’ lives in 2010, they broke more new ground with the fourth generation of “My Little Pony” by integrating social media fandom into the show itself.

It was a brilliant move that made a phenom out of a 30 year old show.   What could possibly go wrong?  Like everything else, when things are laid bare in social media any potential controversy in life and values can intervene.  And that gets us to Derpy, the little pony that messed everything up.

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