BRICS ‘n’ China Shop

Halfway around the world in New Dehli, a conference will be held later this month between developing nations.  It’s hard to imagine anything further from the minds of most Americans, and it’s unlikely to make the news.  Yet what sources say will be announced could change our economy and standing in the world more than anything else that will happen this year, given enough time.  It could mark the moment that China takes its natural next step on the world’s stage.

Economic restructuring always occurs in a Depression as the system that crashed at the start emerges as a different arrangement that looks ahead to the future.  It’s a time of great opportunity, sometimes disguised as desperation.  That restructuring is taking place in the USofA slowly, but much more rapidly when the sun shines on the other side of the globe.  That’s why we should be careful what we wish for in the dead of the night.

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