Building an Economy on Purpose

There’s no doubt that how the world comes together is changing.  So much of it is beautiful and joyful as we discover new cultures, some is hateful and drenched in fear.  But what we do know is that economies, how we all make our living and get the scratch we need to live, love, and be happy is changing faster than most of us can possibly keep up with.  How can we build an economy on purpose?

You can read that last sentence several ways, and they are all important.

This is what the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) 2013 Summit in Minneapolis, starting  19 May, is about.  Social Enterprises exist to use the power of free markets to promote social good – businesses that are self-sufficient, stable institutions out to not make a profit but to improve the world in some way.  The techniques and lessons of making that happen are not always obvious, and these annual summits are a key tool for advancing the cause and making sure that the change we are all buffeted by eventually works for all of us – on purpose.

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