Busted Weather

It was a glorious Independence Day in Minnesota.  A high of 84F and a decent breeze to take the edge off the sun made the perfect backdrop to pick up the aroma of grilling meat.  It’s all any of us could ever hope for.  But it was in blinding contrast to the soggy wet June that made a mud puddle out of huge swatches of southern Minnesota and brought nasty storms that at one point had over a million people without power.  What is up with this weather?

The same strange patterns that brought us a drought last year have been equally unkind in the opposite way this year, meaning we are in a kind of long-term trend towards more extreme weather in every and all direction.  Exactly why is unclear, but we can expect this to continue.  At least when everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything we can call it a reasonable response, yes?

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