Peter Capaldi

Is it possible that the darkest force for evil has taken over the true force for good?   Last Sunday it was announced live world-wide that the most important role in the universe would soon be played by Peter Capaldi.   Yes, I am talking about Doctor Who, the international sensation of a telly show that has become Britain’s biggest export since smug satisfaction.  But like the show, there may be something more sinister afoot …

Since the announcement, fans have clamored to learn more about the man.  It turns out he was a “super-fan” as a kid who annoyed the BBC staff so much they wished the Daleks would ex-term-inate! him.  The head of the fan club promised to “sort him out”.  But what did get through was a letter to the Radio Times praising a recent show and mourning the death of the first man to play the Master, Roger Delgado.   Young Capaldi was not just a fan of the show, he was also a fan of the Master?

Could it be that this appointment is nothing more than the culmination of a 40-year plot by the Master to take over the Doctor’s regeneration cycle through a cultivated minion?

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