Female Lead

The 13th Doctor has been announced, and she is going to be a new era for the internationally popular show. Jodie Whittaker is making history as the first woman to play the Doctor after 53 years. We will see her in action as the Time Lord this Christmas.

There is no more important news in the universe to us Whovians. But this comes in the middle of a year which has seen Wonder Woman become the hit movie of the year and more yet to come. Is this the year of the female lead in an action adventure show?

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The Time of The Doctor

If you are a fan of the BBC Series Doctor Who, you are probably enjoying the eighth season since the reboot, now starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. If you aren’t, I’d rather you didn’t read this piece, since you may want to alert the authorities about my mental stability.

This is a work of fandom. I’ve been a fan of the show since 1978 and have passed this affliction, er, passion, on to my kids now.

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Day of the Doctor

Are you ready for the Day of the Doctor? If you’re not a fan of the TV show, which has 1.6M viewers here in the US, you may have not heard the hype. For fans, however, it’s the biggest event in the last 50 years. That’s how long it’s been on, first airing on 23 November 1963 (oddly, the day after President Kennedy was assassinated). 11 people have played the title role and, except for a hiatus between 1989 and 2005, it’s become something of a tradition in the UK.

To celebrate, the special show “The Day of the Doctor” will be shown simultaneously throughout the entire planet, (23 November at 2:50 PM Eastern time, 19:50 GMT) making it the biggest simulcast of anything other than the Olympics. It’s the first truly global television show with fans absolutely all around the world. And that, alone, is worth celebrating.

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Peter Capaldi

Is it possible that the darkest force for evil has taken over the true force for good?   Last Sunday it was announced live world-wide that the most important role in the universe would soon be played by Peter Capaldi.   Yes, I am talking about Doctor Who, the international sensation of a telly show that has become Britain’s biggest export since smug satisfaction.  But like the show, there may be something more sinister afoot …

Since the announcement, fans have clamored to learn more about the man.  It turns out he was a “super-fan” as a kid who annoyed the BBC staff so much they wished the Daleks would ex-term-inate! him.  The head of the fan club promised to “sort him out”.  But what did get through was a letter to the Radio Times praising a recent show and mourning the death of the first man to play the Master, Roger Delgado.   Young Capaldi was not just a fan of the show, he was also a fan of the Master?

Could it be that this appointment is nothing more than the culmination of a 40-year plot by the Master to take over the Doctor’s regeneration cycle through a cultivated minion?

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