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Stands For Nuthin’

Is the nation on the wrong track or the right track? Do you think that the political parties stand for something more than opposition to each other?

If you answered these questions with the most negative possible answer, you’re far from alone. Rasmussen has been polling the right/wrong track question for many years, and it’s headed back to the low 20% “right track”, net about -40, that it was at a year ago. The brief bump from Trump has worn off.

Even worse, a Washington Post / ABC poll shows that about 2/3 Americans think that the two major parties don’t actually stand for anything other than opposition to each other.

This is the reason why People’s Economics is necessary. It’s time to reboot everything – not just the people, but the fight that drives them.

There’s always a fight.

It’s not as though this is anything new. If you pay a lot of attention to the national news, and you shouldn’t, it should be obvious by now that the fight is about all we have. Dueling pundits routinely attempt to keep score as if the nonsense matters. Matters of policy are rarely decided on how they affect people, or even businesses, but on how they might play.

As disgusting as this spectacle is, it’s not the actual problem. It’s come to this because there is nothing left.

Republicans spent seven years telling everyone that Obamacare was a disaster which had to be replaced. They also (rightfully) noted that our corporate tax code is a mess, and promised to fix it. Along with all of this is the responsibility to produce a budget every year, which has not happened since the Republicans took Congress in 2011. None of this is happening, not one bit of it. The simple reality that Obamacare, however flawed, is not a terrible system has become obvious.

Republicans claim to stand for a lot, but are proving they can do none of it. Much of it was nonsense in the first place.

Is there a party which really holds this belief?

That’s not to ever let Democrats off the hook. If anything, the public is more convinced that they stand for nothing other than being not-Trump by a 52-37 margin. That’s not particularly high, and it’s always possible that being not-Trump is actually a good thing. But in terms of winning back power it shows the futility.

It’s not clear how the pundits will try to keep score on this one, in case they care.

What does this mean? In short, the public has come to believe that both sides of the current “debate” are intellectually bankrupt. It would be interesting to see a poll phrased that way, perhaps with “morally bankrupt” added in for good measure. But the problem is clearly that Washington isn’t just out of touch with operations or solutions, but completely out of touch with the rest of the nation in just about every way possible.

The arguments on teevee, the Senate and the House? Quite pointless.

Nearly everything is a matter of perspective.

More than ever, a new perspective is needed on politics. It has to be centered on people and their needs for once, not on the money which has driven Washington to where it is. This is where People’s Economics becomes critical not as an agenda to push but as a way of framing a debate that matters.

Businesses manage their profit and loss, for obvious reasons. So do governments, at least in the sense that the budget has to have some sense of balance. But both know there is much more to it than that. Success or failure in any company always depends on having the right mix of skills, the right people, on the team doing the work.

The same focus has to apply to government, if not moreso.

Simply looking at money, the end product of work, is not enough when things are changing. If the money isn’t coming in, there’s a reason buried not in the bottom line but somewhere up at the top. The top of the whole operation, business or government, is always about whether the right team is there to move with the changing times.

It’s always about people – whether they have the skills that pay the bills.

The future is theirs. Let’s make it bright!

People’s Economics is about changing the focus away from not just money but the other games played which are utterly pointless out here in the real world. What is important about people? How can we look to the long term and really make a difference? How can we make a free market work properly and support it in ways which help everyone?

This is what matters, not the nonsense on teevee. And this is what People’s Economics is all about.

The polls make it clear that the people know there is something wrong. That’s democracy in action. What makes us a democratic-republic was the wisdom of the founders – their understanding of the role of leadership. Currently, we don’t have leadership in any form that can be considered relevant. So that is where People’s Economics comes in.

Please consider supporting the GoFundMe campaign to make People’s Economics a reality and help make the world a better place!

4 thoughts on “Stands For Nuthin’

    • I think I do have something. It’s going along well. It may be more Democratic, yes, as I am one. But it’s definitely a game-changer if you think it through.

  1. I am all in for this. I hope everyone can support you. This is important. We are arguing about the dumbest things and millions are suffering. Thank God the Obamacare repeal is dead but I think they realized they can’t do that.

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