A busy day demands a summer re-run.  News is coming soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this post from 2010, unedited.  Yes, I did say this back then without even meaning to predict any particular person.

Stories that stay with us are often built around strong characters.  Consider for a moment any story that you have enjoyed, either in book form or on film or from an exchange among friends – what is it that you remember the most?  Odds are it will be the Harry Potter or Gatsby or someone’s strange uncle as much as the meanderings of the plot itself.  They are the star of the show, the person we either relate to or want to be like or at least would like to know.  Set them up, and the situation of the plot often moves forward through the force of their will.

Less obvious is fact that this also guides the non-fiction world.  Entertainers carefully craft their public persona, as do politicians and even nooze commentators.  Understanding how to do this can make a blog much more compelling.

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