Boom! Goes PowerPoint

I am horrifically bizzy, and Friday should be fun. Enjoy this classic piece.

You find yourself in a dark room, dazzled by charts and graphs and pictures that go by just fast enough to lose you.   The speaker at the front is well intentioned and trying desperately to make you as enthusiastic as they are, but it’s no use.  Your mind wanders, desperately trying to find something to daydream about that will keep you from nodding off, drooling on yourself, or both.

Here’s something to think about before you drift off into an embarrassing situation:  Franz von Uchatius, General in the Austrian Artillery – and Grandfather of PowerPoint.

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Housing Boom?

Are you ready for a new housing boom?  It’s OK, I thought you might need a chuckle today.  But there are some analysts who seriously expect housing to lead the economy out of the slump of the last five years … much as it showed the way into this mess in the first place.  It’s probably overstating the upside dramatically, but there are signs of recovery or at least stability in the housing market overall.  It’s uneven and just starting, but this may be the latest sign that we are, in fact, more or less at the bottom right now and starting to turn up.

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