Spooky Season

It’s scary season!  The doorbell rings, and it’s another zombie or pumpkinhead or witch begging for something sweet.  No, I’m not talking about Halloween, I’m talking about the scary thing that comes after it – the election.

If you ever doubted our Founding Fathers had a sense of humor, keep in mind how that Election Day is right after Samhain, the Celtic festival when the land of the dead comes the closest to our mortal plain.  Is it possible that they wouldn’t mind votes coming from graveyards?

Like Halloween, an election is nothing if you can’t make fun of it.  Don’t be scared, join in the fun!  There are many ways to do it.

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Some might call it a publicity stunt, but I prefer to call it a hoax – the “x” makes it sound more exotic.  Yes, the whole “Something’s up in Lowertown” routine was just a little game that a few of us cooked up to get attention to a part of Saint Paul that’s been struggling through the construction that has ripped up their streets and made access nearly impossible.  It was a pretty tame gag, really, and it appears that most people have taken it in the spirit of fun it was intended.  But is it ever acceptable to lie to your customers?

By the way, that shirt really looks great on you – it brings our your eyes nicely!

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Work Creates Wealth

As Democrats contemplate holding the minority position in Congress yet again, there are many ways we can handle it.  We could all sit in the back and throw stuff, much as the Republicans did for the last few years.  We could turn on each other and rip our own guts out in a festival of shame and blame.  Or, if we’re intent on really standing up to our principles, we can use this time away from being the responsible ones and understand what it is that we, as a party really stand for.

We have a lot to offer if we can only get it together for once.  But I, for one, think it’s going to take a much deeper understanding of our core values and what is really happening around us before we can make it happen.

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Problem Properties

A big part of inner city life – or any happy social life – is getting to know your neighbors.  We all live near people that are different from ourselves in many ways, and in the city we live a bit closer than people in suburbs.  That can cause conflicts from time to time and there is some sense that these conflicts are on the rise.  There are many reasons for this and there is always something that can be done about it.  But it always starts and ends with the spirit of the neighborhood itself, which can only be found by getting to know each other.

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The Streets of Lowertown

Anytime the streets of an old city are disturbed, the past bubbles up to the surface.  That’s definitely true of Saint Paul.  The heavy construction Downtown has ripped up many of the ancient streets of Lowertown and secrets are bound to see the light of day.  Something has been found there, however, that no one wants to talk about just yet.  When will the truth be revealed?

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