Online Life as an Onion

Too much information.  We all have it blasted our way and we all share it.  Understanding the limits of what we should be sharing and how we should process all this information is the key skill of our time as the internet becomes the appliance that defines much of our life.  Many people have written volumes on this topic, but in the end the choices are all very personal.

I’ve recently started daily updating on Facebook to give people who know me a bit more information about my daily life.  It was in response to a number of questions from friends and fans who find Barataria a bit too cold and impersonal.  As I advise my clients who have products to sell, the reasons for doing this are not simply to be on Facebook but to use it as a tool to fill a need.  The experience has taught me a few things as I work out the details of where my lines for “too much information” lie.

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