The Nightmare Before Christmas

A crisp fall day greets us with a crunchy carpet of leaves as my dog and I make our way out first thing in the morning.  August, a Westie, is restless and excited by all the new smells and feelings that hang in the air.  But he’s not the only one.  This is a season of restlessness and change, a time when we’re moving on to something else that isn’t quite in front of us yet.

I find myself singing songs from one of my favorite movies, a wonderfully crafted musical about restlessness, missing the point – and ultimately love.  The kids and I watched Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” as we do every year just as the spooky season starts to sink in and change everything around us, and we all sing along.  It’s a wonderful stop-action animated movie with intricate songs passionately written and sung by the great Danny Elfman.

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