Snow Daze

How snowy is it?  It’s so snowy that … I’m not in a mood to joke.  The Midwest in general has seen more snow than any of us would like.  As of today the official total for the season at the MSP Airport is over 72 inches, putting us on a pace as the second snowiest Winter ever (behind 1981-82 by just under 4 inches).  That’s six feet of snow, about two meters.  Once it’s taller than I am, I give up.

The record total, set in 1983-84, is 98.4 inches total.  That’s over 8 feet. It took a very snowy March that year to give them the record.  How snowy is March?  Last year, for the very first time, we had … no snow at all.  So you never know in the middle of a big continent.  Follow the link to this and more information than you could possibly ever want on weather for nearly 200 years here.

But could this mean anything?

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