School’s Not Yet Out

For those of us in Minnesota, there is little to talk about today except the extraordinary weather.  From 102F yesterday to a predicted 48F tonight, we’re in the middle of a 54F drop in about 35 hours.  This is what can happen in the middle of a vast continent.

The heat wave hit people as many different ways as we coped with a small emergency.  The strangest effect was to highlight the awkward hot days at the end of the school year, the time when summer beckons to the kids before they can laze their way through the heat of the day.  Oppressive heat  made the classrooms warmer, recess drippier, and the slow progress of the day a bit heavier.

To me, it made the odd stillness at graduation time more pronounced.  My kids are getting older and they are not little anymore.  The day they move on is coming closer.

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