Unwinnable Games

A slow drippy blah day isn’t a lot of fun, but it’s what greeted my son at the start of Summer Vacation this morning. “Miss school much?” I ask him, knowing the answer. This is the season of constant recess, but more importantly the recess where he can pick which friends to hang with.  That makes a big difference.

All during the year he had one complaint when I saw him after school.  “They were at it again,” the frustration bubbled out, “We spent most of recess arguing about the rules to Foursquare rather than playing it!”  There are some kids in his class who are either wannabe bigshots or control freaks or … it’s a public school, they take everyone.  And they can’t even organize a simple game of Foursquare (Boxball to me as a kid) without a huge argument over which silly rules like School Bus, Poison, Hold, and so on apply.

What’s funny about this is that adults are just kids who grew older, sometimes up.

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