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New Season, New Reasons

One deep, soaking overnight rain and in a few days everything is bright and green.  That’s how the Sudden Spring is settling into Minnesota so early in April.  It means a lot to everyone, but here in Barataria it’s nearly time to celebrate five years of perspective, ideas, and discussion.  Time to do something different and fun!

Please forgive this for being a bit self-indulgent.  It is a blog, after all.

We can all learn many things from the Brazilian Way, but top among them is that a really good party takes time to plan.  Before we spend the years 2014-16 hearing about them constantly in their big coming out parties they’re taking the time to do it up right.  I think it’s about time Barataria connects to the world in different ways, too.

Inspired at least in part by Punk Economics, I will start assembling a few short videos that summarize some new perspectives on our changing world.  A few ideas stand out right away, but like everything good in Barataria it will take some help from all of you to make it shine.

First of all, there will be some expense.  If you’ve never donated before I’d very much appreciate any small contribution you can make through PayPal.  Barataria has been coming to you every MWF since 11 April 2007 without a break – a total of 156 times a year.  Adding to this the time this takes in order to craft a few videos takes me away from making a living, along with a few incidental expenses.  If you like what you see here I’d appreciate a dime a post, or $15 for the year as a suggested level.  If you’d like to help out with more or less, by all means I appreciate it all!

Many of you weigh in with comments that add tremendously to the value of Barataria.  But many more are more shy about it.  We’re getting upwards of 50k pageviews per month, meaning we never hear from most of you!  Last August a series of questions garnered about 125 responses, which was very helpful.  I’d like to ask some of the same questions again today.  If you could take a moment to answer it will help guide some of the videos that I’ll be putting together as a project with my kids.

Thank you all again and again for being part of this wonderful community, and don’t forget that you can always talk to me “on the side” as erikhare at gmail dot com.  And if you want to say more than the survey has to offer, weigh in below with your comments – we’re a friendly crowd, right?

17 thoughts on “New Season, New Reasons

  1. Putting it together will help boil it down. Keep it short and sweet and you’ll have something good. Just stay non-partisan/political because that is what is needed most.

  2. I agree with Jim about being non-partisan/political but what you write may appear to be either or both depending on the viewpoint of the reader…but that is an acceptable risk, I think.

    • There are a lot of things going on that are not partisan in nature, given that most of our “politics” is completely detached from reality. I’ll stick with that as a theme, I think.

  3. I think whatever you do will be fine. You might want to start with analysis if you want to get into solutions because there is a lot to explain. Maybe you can combine them so people can see the link. But I voted just do it!

  4. There are many times you get back to a topic and I have to think “oh, yeah” to remember what you said before. I know you have links and all that but its hard to follow. If you could combine all these things together it would work better as long as it doesn’t get long.
    I also said just do it!

    • Good advice, thanks! There are a lot of topics like the Depression that I have refined over the last year, with your help, that are worth re-visiting in one package. Will do!

  5. Just don’t push out blame too much. There is enough of that in the world. We have work to do and it would be best to focus on that.

    • Blame is not useful, you’re right. I think I see a pattern – analysis with solutions, one topic at a time. But short and to the point. Focus on the work we have to do as a people – both in politics and outside of it.
      Social analysis / commentary is not getting many votes, but I may do a few all the same. Later on, though. Not sure how often I’ll get to these, but I want to put a few out right away.

  6. it would be cool to have more to share, good blog & topics but most people dont want to read so much

  7. Thanks! Pretty much where I was going – reach a much bigger audience with short videos. Besides, I think I can get more like 1600 words worth into 5 minutes, which might be nice.

  8. Very interesing to see the poll results, and especially glad to see that so many voted for you to “do it all” because I think you do all of the above well!

    I like that many people value your proposed solutions because everyone likes a solution to a problem, right? That said, I am one of three “minority” voters regarding “reporting new perspectives.” I think this is something you do well, and if I may argue my position for a moment, here is how I think that questions really breaks down:

    Proposing solutions really requires an analysis of the issue (also a big vote-getter). Analysis requires an understanding of the history, or “how we got here.” Finally, good solutions require an understanding of new and other perspectives. I suspect that’s how you would handle things anyway….

    I like the idea of short videos, and you are one of those fortunate souls who (unlike myself) is handsome enough to bear on camera! Brevity is key. Likely, unless it’s a huge topic, you’d want to keep it under three minutes. We Americans don’t have much of an attention span…or maybe that’s just me?

    I think you will reach a broader audience with a series of brief and poignant videos, but I hope you’ll continue to write the occasional blog post (one per week?) as well. Best wishes on this new endeavor. You’ll do it well!

    • Thanks! I’ll keep doing this, but I hope I can get something out of a YouTube project eventually. So it’s a matter of both! We’re getting going with it now, so we’ll see how quickly we can get some viddy up and goign somewhere.
      You’re right, we have to go with a short attention span. That is the whole idea. I can cover the equivalent of about 1k words in 5 minutes by talking, so viddy actually lends itself to more detailed conversations if done right. That’s what convinced me. But I’ll keep it around 5 and see where it goes – unless you think even that is way long.

  9. I would suggest checking out recommended lengths as well as the length of other vids that are getting lots of views. I think five is about the max you’d want to hit, and you may need to build up to that length after gaining credibility with fans. That said, with (50K?) page views per month, it’s probably safe to say that you have some cred with your current base, but it’s just about building that base. At some point, you will probably be able to do some lengthier pieces if you have guests, interviews, or the like.

    • I’m going to start with a few of my old pieces – I can get them well under 5 minutes without trouble. The kids and I have been playing with it for a bit, will have some stuff up tomorrow, I think. A 5 minute video is well over 1k words, from what I can see (I’m from the East, I talk rather fast) so there’s a chance to take what I have and make it look pretty reasonable.

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