A New Generation’s Prospects

Employment opportunities for those ages 20-24 are worse than the general economy and not improving as rapidly.  So are they going to college instead?  The answer, apparently, is that they are not according to the latest figuresCollege enrollment is down slightly – and graduation rates within a 6-year time frame have ebbed to a new low, 59% of those who started in 2006.  Graduation rates are improving at 2-year institutions such as community colleges and tech schools has increased from 21% to 37%, suggesting students are more serious, but are still pitifully low.

The problem for the young is much bigger than reduced employment opportunities today – it also includes reduced achievement in higher education which implies reduced opportunities tomorrow.  This is part of a growing backlash against the “Educational Industrial Complex” that encourages debt but is unable to payoff with job opportunities.  Will that backlash grow into a generational revolt?

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