After the Party … ?

On this special Inauguration Day, also Dr. King Day, the nation can pause to think about where we are and where we are going.  The first thought that crossed my mind as Obama quickly and privately took the oath on the official day was, “Wow, Malia really has grown, she’s almost as tall as her Mom!”  Most of what we’ll here will be that kind of fluff that helps us all connect on a personal level to a warm, real family of actually very ordinary people in so many ways.

But that’s not what the party is really about.  The trappings of power will be all over as we start another term with the guy who got us through the last four years, for better or worse.  What can we expect?  What should we insist on?  How is this going to go down with a Republican House that appears to be uncontrolled?  It’s all guesswork, but we know a few things for sure.

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