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  1. Erik I like this article because it asks a question(s).that needs an answer. Just how do the 40% who are not working make it? If the 40% are retirees/disabled or kids or wives with husbands who make good money I get it. I could ask so many questions on this I would probably end up being incoherent. My workplace driving ($12/hr, few benefits) cannot find workers so many of us end up working 12 hour days (which suck). Most of us (20) are white men 55 and older who formerly had decent jobs (better pay and healthcare)..

    • Thanks. I guess my starting point is that we were a nation with 60% or less of the potential labor force working, and overall it was something like a Baroque Era of great wealth. For those who could participate in the standard arrangement happily the economic times were good. It wasn’t a flexible system at all, depending on large coherent family units that all got along and weren’t abusive, but it did work in a larger economic sense. The secret of that system was that it kept people out of work, meaning that those who worked could organize and demand higher wages.
      So, assuming that only so many people can work, how do we equitably distribute the income? And, for that matter, how do we get people do do the work that isn’t usually paid – such as raising the kids, keeping the community operating, taking care of the sick or old, et cetera? Not only do I not know, I can’t answer that by myself – it has to come from some broader social agreement that everyone buys into.
      What I can tell you is that the old agreement was based on a good day’s pay for a good day’s work. That’s clearly broken, and it’s broken in large part because there’s only so much paid work to go around. If we’re going to rebuild that, we have a lot to work out as a people.

  2. Regarding the intriguing theological and literary discussion (Age of anxiety and the related links), we ought not to forget that the theology of Christ originated with Paul or St. Paul.

    Of course the Reformation asserted that faith in Jesus Christ leads to salvation. This has to do with a spiritual interpretation of Jesus who reconciles people back to the heavenly Father. Paul makes this argument and he makes the argument because he says he had a vision from Jesus himself. This is the realm of faith.

    I was perusing the Jesus Seminar websites and what I could surmise is that those scholars are theorizing at the synoptic gospels were written after Paul’s writings to balance things out, given that Paul did not know the human Jesus. So in Matthew, Mark and Luke we get Jesus’s teachings and actions.

    I don’t think you can say that Western culture is at a dead end, unless you are specifically talking about the military. Philosophy took a different route somewhere between Descartes and Hegel. Science separated itself from philosophy. Human rights sort of comes out of the idea of natural law that comes from God

  3. Also liberal theologians admit that Jesus being raised from the dead is not verifiable. Their interpretation is that some followers had an experience of the resurrected Jesus. So again this is in the realm of spirituality.

    The early Church came up with their theories who Jesus is to have inspired people to spread the faith and accept the faith. Constantine helped too. The crumbling Roman empire mixed with Germanic and Celtic ideas.

    The Norse mythology had Thor. Thor kicks ass.

    We have Thorsday, Frigesday, and Saturnsday. So we didn’t completely go Christian.

    Myth is just fiction, it is for entertainment. If want to apply it allegorically or metaphorically as a form of enlightenment to your life you can. Christ themes really don’t come up in the workplace per se. Instead we have things like cost accounting, management science, technical writing, marketing.;..

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  5. I do not like this at all but you are making the point. There is always more work to do, maybe its just not at a wage that anyone would take to do it. People could always pick up litter but what would you want to be paid to do that? This might have do to with a mninimum wage law.

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  7. If there isn’t enough work for everyone we do have a serious problem. Why not look at how much of our work has been set overseas for starters? Then we should look at crumbling infrastructure. We don’t even have to get into stay at home moms before we find a lot of jobs missing.

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