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Rule – of Law

On a Friday the 13th when the sky hangs grey over what should be Spring, the world appears on the edge of catastrophe. The Trump debacle descends into the kind of madness that Shakespeare made a living out of, careening into the end of the second act when the stage goes dark.

Hollywood, for its part, depicted days like this as slasher movies, their idea of scary. There was never a cop to be found as people traipsed through a hellscape, dark and throbbing in surround sound.  There was no order, only survival – for a few.

Yet here we are, waiting for something. And into it comes James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty.”  The former top cop appears to doing what we have so far been unable to do ourselves, coming in to rescue us all. But it’s still scary, and more in the Shakespearean way, because there is something bigger than the players on the scene strutting and fretting. There is, there has to be, some kind of morality made real.

There has to be law – either the law of humankind of morality.

The Founding Fathers gave us many things, but especially our basic principles.

It’s common in America to debate the nature of our much treasured system. Are we a democracy or a republic? The correct answer is both, but as we are learning the correct answer is actually neither. In the end, our system relies on stability pushed every so gently forward without toppling over. Our system is built on the rule of law.

We aren’t really that different than the British from whence we came in that sense. For better or worse, there are laws that govern everything. They create order. A good life, stable investment, and sense of morality that can be too smug but is grounded in the free time left over from not constantly dealing with chaos.

Xi Jinping. This is about as close to a smile as he ever has.

Not every nation can boast this. China, for example, has a different system. It is not defined by communism, at least not in any important sense. China has a very thin concept of the rule of law right now. It is a place where nearly anything can be done with the right cash in hand. There are laws, yes, but they are very unevenly enforced. If you do get caught, paying the fine on the spot in cash will get you out of the jam one way or the other, regardless of who keeps it.

Some of this applies in America. We have a long tradition of protesting, of breaking the law to make a point. When it is done with fully knowledge of the consequences there is never a problem. The law is the law, after all, and if it’s worth it you go ahead.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

James Comey is a patient, deliberate man.

Today we are relying on the FBI and several former FBI heads, Comey and Mueller, to come save our nation. We expect them to do it by applying law evenly and fairly, under the watchful eyes of judges issuing warrants and subpoenas. We have to trust our system to do what politically it cannot.

There is no doubt that Trump is indeed a mafia tool and a wannabe capo. Anyone paying attention to the construction industry in New York and New Jersey knows that it was traditionally run by the mafia, especially cement. That Trump Tower is the tallest cement-only building in the word should not be lost on anyone. Nor should the (failed) casino in Atlantic City.

You’re not as clever as you think, Vlad.

It is only natural that this progressed on to the Bratva, the most powerful mafia the world has ever known. Though it masquerades as the nation of Russia, it is simply a mafia as we have reported many times. Trump’s connections were well known, and yet every political institution in this democratic-republic failed to take note.

So now we must fall back on law to save us.

It is frightening to think that the FBI, the agency that can and has abused its power to control the parts of the nation in the past is what we have to count on. But we have only two alternatives on a day like this. One is a slasher movie, a landscape that never includes any law enforcement. The other is a tottering monarchy waiting for judgment from fate to intervene.

I’ll take the FBI. I don’t have any choice. It’s far from ideal, but it sounds like Comey has it pegged and Mueller is going to nail this thing shut. Our system will be saved. Hooray.

6 thoughts on “Rule – of Law

  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    There is something chilling in blogger-friend Erik’s post today, and yet at the same time, it leaves me feeling that there is a chance that the right people are in the right places to save the day. I also learned some things from this post that I was not aware of … or at least picked up some food for thought. Please take a few minutes to read Erik’s post — you won’t regret it. Thanks, Erik!!!

  2. Dear Erik,
    The “rule of law” is being challenged by President Trump and his crony republicans. No institution is perfect but the FBI and the DOJ have taken steps/ reform to where it is an entity we can count on.

    Look what the judicial system and the free press which is what the president hates, has accomplished in just one week.

    1.) The president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen’s office, house, hotel room was raided by FBI on 9th of April, directed by Southern District of NY, which is headed by a President Trump republican appointee.

    2.) By the SDNY judicial office in Manhattan taking over this case involving Mr. Cohen, this means that this part of the investigation will continue no matter who President Trump fires now. In addition the presidential pardons have no value in this jurisdiction.

    3.) News has surfaced to indicate that Mr. Cohen is running a NDA mill business like the old fashioned ambulance chaser.He has been involved with NDA cases with Elliott Broidy, Dino Sujadin, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. All except Dino was represented by the same attorney Keith M. Davidson

    4.) McClatchy report has broken the news that Mr. Cohen was definitely in Prague around Sep 2016, which Mr. Cohen has vehemently denied in the public forum but also under oath when he was interviewed by Senate and the House Intel Committees.

    5.) By the president refusing to be interviewed by the FBI, Mr. Mueller is in position to finish up his report on the “obstruction of justice” portion of his investigation pertaining to the president. I am certain that he is working overtime to finish the report on his findings asap.

    The “rule of law” will prevail.

    Hugs, Gronda

  3. Dear Erik,

    Under point #2, I misspoke. The president can pardon anyone convicted of a federal crime but that does not work if Mr. Cohen is criminally charged at the NY state level in the state courts. The benefit of this case being investigated by the federal court system in the state of NY where Mr. Cohen conducts a lot of his business means that the federal courts can work with the state courts so that Mr. Cohen will/ can be charged for criminal wrong doings that would come under the jurisdiction of the State of NY where the promise of a presidential pardon carries no weight.

    Hugs, Gronda

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