Conspiracy in Hindsight

As with every 9/11, the passage of this date brings an exhaustive recounting of long debunked conspiracy theories.  This piece from 2014, slightly updated,  discusses only one aspect of the ridiculousness of this spectacle.  

The US commitment to being the policeman of the world. continues, bringing us into conflicts everywhere.  One of these is the still ongoing fight against Da’esh or ISIS, which has never been totally vanquished.  Why?

If you believe one conspiracy theory popular in the Middle East, it’s a creation of the US – for the purpose of doing just what we’re doing now, which is a justification for more interference.

While this comes from a region of many conspiracy theories, hatched by governments like Iran with strong propaganda needs, it’s actually a common type of conspiracy theory. It comes from looking at the result of a world event and then working backwards to determine that the outcome must have been planned by nefarious forces. Such “Hindsight Conspiracies” are part of the news cycle these days – despite almost always being pathetically wrong.

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